What you don't see


First let me admit, this is very hard for me to write. I am not a writer, I am a photographer. Please forgive my inadequate storytelling skills.  Thank you again, Carrie, for allowing me to see a glimpse of your life.  Here it goes!

I name this section "What you don't see", because I am going to share with you what a double lung transplant experiences in the mornings.  Now I am not sure if everyone with these medical issue endures the same things, I can only share what Carrie has to do.  I want to show you the hard stuff.


 Mornings are different when you have a transplant.  

Cuddle time with Charlie

Picture 1: AM Cuddles with Charlie

She takes the time to cuddle with her dogs Max and Charlie.

Max Needs Cuddles Too Picture 2: Max Needs Cuddles Too


Pulling Supplies Picture 3: Pulling Supplies

Before she proceeds her daily routine, she has to pull her supplies, which is a community effort with Max.


Community Effort Picture 4: Community Effort

The Gloves Picture 5: Putting on the Gloves

After pulling the supplies, she puts on gloves to keep the open wounds in her body clean.


The first cleaning is for the Tri-Fusion Catheter, it is used for the Photopheresis machine, which I will show you in another chapter.


Cleaning Tri-Fusion Catheter 1

 Picture 6: Cleaning Tri-Fusion Catheter 1


Cleaning Tri-Fusion Catheter 2 Picture 7:  Picture 6: Cleaning Tri-Fusion Catheter 2

Cleaning Tri-Fusion Catheter 3  Picture 8: Cleaning Tri-Fusion Catheter 3

She is re-applying the bandage which holds it in place.

Cleaning Tri-Fusion Catheter 4 All Done

Picture 9: Cleaning Tri-Fusion Catheter 4 All Done


Next is the Porthacath cleaning.  The Prothacath is for intravenous medications.   Carrie is in and out of hospitals and doctor offices, so it was easier to give her a Porthacath then the constant injections that she would of have to endure.


Flushing the Port Picture 10: Flushing the Port

All Done Flushing Port Picture 11: All Done Flushing Port


Next Step Lung Medication Picture 12: Next Step Lung Medication

In order to breath, she must take multiple medicines for a variety of reasons to keep her lungs healthy and working. 


Blood Check Too Picture 13: Blood Check Too

Carrie must also check her blood sugars.  This is a pic of her getting ready to do the that.

Breath In and Breath Out Picture 14: Breath In and Breath Out

A nebulizer is used to do the medicating.  Unfortunately, she has to sit here for a period of time.  So what do you do to kill the time?

Coloring and Cuddling

Picture 15: Coloring and Cuddling

She kills the time cuddling with Max and coloring.  She is a pretty good artist.

Pretty Horse Picture 16: Pretty Horse


Picture 17: Make-up Time

Now its time to look good........make-up time.


And We are OFF Picture 18: And We are OFF

After her routine, she is off to doctor appointments for the day!