Hello all, let me introduce you to Carrie.  Carrie is tall, blond, attractive, funny, peaceful, quiet and unassuming spirit who was born with CF (Cystic Fibrosis ), which resulted in a double lung transplant in her twenties.

    I have seen Carrie in my church for some time, but I did NOT KNOW Carrie.  I had seen her as a deacon, always being accessible to people, but I did not know anything about Carrie.  I had experienced her as an accountant helping me set up my business, but I did not know her story, meaning, who she is, what her struggles are, what she did, how she loved, or what makes her laugh. I knew that there was something wrong with her, medically, but never felt it was right to ask.  I had heard that she had a double lung transplant, but I did not know what that meant. 

   I don’t want you to think that I am Carrie's best friend.  I am just getting to know her.

  So how did our relationship really get started, well where else FACEBOOK!  I was bored. As you can see, I am a photographer, and I love taking pictures of people.


So I put out a post on my FB page,  “Do you know of anybody who would be willing to be a subject???? Want someone who is active in the community, looking for someone who thinks they don’t deserve it, a loving and strong spirit. Please give me their names."



     She responded: "Carrie Serati Gobble: This may not sound very humble but you could use me to help bring awareness to organ and tissue donation and Transplant. Or my handsome hubby!"

I heard God say, 'Yes' to me, so I  said, "Let’s do it!."  I had no idea what I was signing up for, but I was excited about it!

You will see a new chapter published twice a month.  (It's really hard writing about someone's life).


Let the EXPERIENCE into a new world Begin!