Since I have started this project, I have had numerous meetings with Carrie and I have discovered a few of her quirks.

First and foremost Carrie is a gas! She is a funny and honest woman, who lives a low-maintenance, self-care lifestyle. When I looked at Carrie, the first thing that struck me is her physical beauty and her inner beauty.  So I wanted you to see how beautiful she is and, hopefully, if I did my job well, you will see the inner Carrie.


These are the three looks of Carrie.

  1. The Elegant Carrie
  2. The Casual Carrie
  3. The Everyday Carrie


The Elegant Carrie



Picture 1: Lady in WaitingI love this Black and White shot of here because it is so unassuming her, low-key and simple beauty.

Picture 1:  Lady in Waiting


I love this black and white shot here because it is so unassuming. The image shows her low-key and simple beauty.


Picture 2: I See You!

Picture 2: I See You!


If you know anything about Ms. Carrie, she is fully engaged in the present'.  If she is talking to you, she sees you!




Picture 3:  Blue-Eyed Human

 This is a standard portrait pose.

Picture 4: Elegant Lady



Picture 4: Elegant Lady




The Funny Girl Carrie






























Picture 4:  The Funny Girl Carrie


Never joke around with your photographer, you just may get to see the oops.   We had a great time taking these pictures. You just have to laugh!


The Casual Carrie


The Girl Next Door

Picture 4:  The Girl Next Door Carrie




The Real Deal Carrie

Picture 5:  The Real Deal Carrie

This photograph shows how comfortable Carrie is in her skin.   



A Simple Woman

Picture 6:  A Simple Woman



The Everyday Carrie


This is the Carrie!  This is the Carrie as she really is every day.  One moment quite an unassuming and the next a bundle of funny.  Don't get me wrong, she has her bad days too, like most of us, but this is my experience of this beautiful spirit-filled woman.  


I am Every Woman

Picture 7: I'm Every Woman

This photo make me thing of the song "I'm Every Woman" by Chaka Khan, especially the lyric, "I'm every woman, it's all in me
anything you want done, baby, I'll do it naturally."



This is Me

Picture 8:  This is Me


The last photography I chose was black and white on purpose.  Black and white photographs do not distract you with color.  You can see what you are really looking at.  I wanted you to see a self-confident, sexy and vibrant woman who is not afraid.