Carrie is a real go-getter.  She doesn't mind rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty.

We were having lunch at a local Mexican food eatery and she tells me that the neighborhood community group is planting flowers and plants at 6 a.m., I told her OK, but I can do 7 a.m.  When I arrived they were in full swing planting.  Carrie was staging the plants, her husband, Gary, was digging holes, and a neighbor was working with them, providing comic relief.   It was a great morning! These shots tell the story.

Community Planting

Picture 1: Community Planting

You can see it is early morning and these people are serious about their flowers.


Which one is this? Picture 2: Which one is this?

OK, I admit it is not the nicest angle of my girl, but you have to admit that facial expression is a riot!


Gary? What are you looking at? Picture 3: Gary? What are you looking at?

Ok, Gary is actually reading something behind Carrie, but I thought it was so cute, I could not resist.  My girl is hard at work!



Bending and Standing

Picture 4: Bending and Standing

Carrie is placing the plants, and Gary is waiting to cover the plants.  Great teamwork you two, that is how I think of you both.


What they are planting

Picture 5: This is what they are planting

Hey, you can't have a community gardening shoot and not show what they are planting.  Just don't ask me what is, other than a plant.


Downward Dog Picture 6:  Downward Dog

When I was reviewing these photos, I notice Carrie was bending a lot.  So I had to name this shot after the yoga pose Downward Dog. 



As you can see this is just another wonderful side of my girl.  As we travel this journey of mutual respect and friendship, I hope you can see this beautiful, hardworking and amazing woman.  Working on Chapter 4 soon!