Do you want to take better pictures?   Are your pictures not good enough for you?  Do you want to make an impact?

If you want to learn how to use your DSLR, then you must use YOUR DSLR.  We will go over your camera and discuss how it works.  You will learn composition, exposure, ISO, F-stop, Aperture, shutter speed and how they all work to make a good photograph.   Depending on your interest in subject matter, we will do field trips and take actual photographs.  Of course, you will have homework assignments where you will print your work and we will discuss the final product.

      Pricing for Class one-on-one $80/hr
         (must have your own DSLR and instruction booklet)
      Pricing for Class multiple students (4 student min) $25
         (must have your own DSLR and instruction booklet)


Contact me at [email protected] to set up time and place.